Outsourced CIO Services

Benefits of our institutional practices

Separation of custody and investment management

Client assets are safeguarded and held at unaffiliated, qualified custodians.

Open architecture

Utilize only third-party investment managers in clients' portfolios.

Liquidity and transparency

Invest in liquid investment vehicles that are valued daily and readily viewable in custodian accounts.

Governance and oversight

Maintain robust compliance program and have seasoned Board of Directors.

Customized detailed quarterly performance reporting

Provide detailed quarterly reports that include net of fees performance relative to benchmarks.

How we service Discretionary Management Clients


We begin the process by helping to identify the client's investment goals and objectives and by gaining a complete understanding of their overall situation. We thoroughly review the client's current investment program, including the investment products, asset allocation, and unrealized gain/loss profile. We then determine a course of action to migrate the existing portfolio to the agreed upon allocation.


We seek to identify high quality investment managers that we believe may be appropriate for inclusion within client portfolios.


We will recommend a select group of managers, which may include some existing investments, to build a portfolio. Our asset allocation framework is designed to construct a customized portfolio that will meet the stated investment objectives.


When decisions regarding the investment program are made, we assist with the implementation into a client's portfolio.


We periodically review the client's goals, objectives, and allocations and recommend changes to the investment program as needed.